Mediation services

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Mediation is well established as a useful and cost effective process for resolving a broad range of disputes.


In mediation, an impartial mediator assists disputing parties to make their own decisions about their dispute, conflict or differences. The mediator uses the mediation process and their skills, knowledge and training to help the parties identify issues in dispute, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach agreement.

Where mediation is appropriate, it can have many advantages as a dispute resolution method:

  • it can be quick and cost effective

  • the process is confidential

  • there is no artificial limit imposed on the issues that may be considered, so there is greater capacity to acknowledge and address the psychological, social or economic dynamics that may accompany or drive the dispute

  • parties are encouraged to take a problem solving approach rather than playing an adversarial blame game,

  • the parties maintain direct control of the outcome - the solutions they reach may be wide ranging, flexible and creative, and

  • the agreements the parties reach can be final and binding so far as the law allows.

Dominic Beckett originally trained and worked as a mediator with the NSW Community Justice Centres and is now nationally accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System. He is a panel member on the Federal Court's Native Title External Mediator List.


Dominic's mediation style draws on his legal knowledge and experience, his problem-solving and creative abilities and his communication skills. He has experience mediating a broad range of commercial, community and family disputes.


Dominic also has considerable experience conducting and facilitating community meetings. 

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