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Dominic Beckett Legal & Consulting has broad legal and policy expertise, with particular experience in relation to native title and Aboriginal land rights, environment and heritage, land use and development, organisations and governance, administrative law and community development projects.


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Native title & Aboriginal land rights

Dominic Beckett has 20 years of experience advising and acting in relation to all aspects of Aboriginal land rights and native title and is recognised as a leading professional in these areas.

He has worked in these areas in each mainland State and the Northern Territory conducting claims and proceedings, providing legal, policy and strategic advice and negotiating agreements. He has made significant contributions to the development of law and policy including extensive involvement in several reviews of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW).

We provide advice, assistance and representation in relation to:

  • native title claimant and non-claimant applications in the Federal Court

  • statutory Aboriginal land claims and land claim appeals

  • the complex legal and policy interface between native title and statutory land rights schemes

  • the operations and statutory functions of Aboriginal Land Councils, native title representative bodies and prescribed bodies corporate

  • native title “future act” negotiations, including mining and resources negotiations,

  • Aboriginal land agreements and Indigenous land use agreements

  • strategic planning, including community, land and business plans

  • the management, use and development of Aboriginal land (including approvals under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW)), and

  • community and economic development projects and benefits schemes.

Dominic is a panel member of the Federal Court's Native Title External Mediator Panel List.


Land, heritage and environment

Dominic Beckett has extensive experience providing advice and assistance in relation to a broad range of matters concerning land and resource use, heritage and environmental protection and environmental planning and assessment.

The sorts of projects Dominic has been involved in and that we work on include:

  • national park and protected area management, including Indigenous joint-management arrangements

  • biodiversity stewardship and other forms of voluntary conservation agreement

  • management of contaminated land

  • protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage

  • environmental planning issues

  • development assessment and consent

  • easements, and

  • land access and use arrangements.

Our capability in these areas is further augmented by our alliance with well respected environment and planning law firm Bick & Steele.

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Organisations & governance

Sound organisational structuring and governance are crucial to the success of businesses, not-for-profit organisations and community initiatives alike.

Dominic Beckett has considerable experience advising commercial and not-for-profit entities on corporate establishment, structuring and governance.

We provide advice and assistance in relation to:

  • corporate structuring

  • establishment and registration

  • strategic planning

  • effective organisational governance, and

  • statutory compliance.

Dominic is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.


Communities & development

For Indigenous communities and groups, maximising economic and community development outcomes is usually a vitally important purpose of land use and other commercial projects. 

Designing and planning for the delivery of sound economic and community development programs is often crucial to the ultimate success of income generating activities such as land use and development projects.

Dominic Beckett has extensive experience providing advice and assistance in relation to a wide range of economic and community development projects.


Dominic has advised on projects such as:

  • home ownership programs

  • employment, training and procurement

  • scholarships

  • social housing, and

  • cemeteries and crematoria.


Administrative law & regulation

Dominic Beckett has extensive experience in matters involving public administration, official decisions and actions, and regulation.


A significant number of present and former clients are or have been statutory corporations, independent regulators and government agencies.


We provide advice and other services in relation to:

  • proceedings for judicial review of official actions and decisions

  • merit review appeals

  • complaints and investigations

  • statutory compliance

  • institutional and public policy development

  • public inquiries and hearings

  • access to government information

  • institutional reviews.


Policy development & law reform

Dominic Beckett has particular skills and experience in relation to policy review and development and law reform projects. His clear thinking and writing have made him valuable in relation to this type of work.

Dominic has provided law reform and policy development advice to bodies including government agencies, statutory Aboriginal Land Councils and independent regulators. He has made a particularly significant contribution to several reviews of and to aspects of the reform of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW).

We are passionate about helping to develop sound and useful policy and legal regimes. This is a significant focus of our work for statutory bodies.


Dominic Beckett is an experienced and skilled legal and policy professional, mediator and facilitator. Dominic has particular experience and expertise in relation to Aboriginal land rights, native title, cultural heritage, economic and community development projects, land use, environmental planning and assessment, administrative law and regulation, not for profits and corporate governance.

Dominic Beckett Legal & Consulting provides legal and policy services to Aboriginal land councils and representative bodies, communities, corporations and independent regulators. The services we provide include:

  • legal advice

  • strategic advice

  • policy development and formulation

  • negotiation

  • dispute resolution and litigation

  • legal drafting

  • mediation and facilitation

  • law reform projects.

Dominic Beckett Legal & Consulting offers a more agile and flexible alternative to traditional firms.

We maintain a network of trusted professionals and experts to enhance our own capabilities.

We understand that our clients need our services to be cost effective.

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